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Gap Mountain Goats is located in the Southwestern New Hampshire town of Marlborough. We strive to produce the highest-quality Kiko breeding stock and natural, healthy meats.

Our livestock is raised in environments suited to each species. The animals are provided ample indoor space as well as free access to outdoor areas in which to forage and engage in natural behaviors. To learn more, follow the links below.

All-Natural Meats

Our promise: Gap Mountain Goats does not use antibiotics or medicated feed in any animal that enters the food chain.

Exceptional Kiko Breeding Stock

If you are seeking superior Kiko breeding stock, look no further. Our goats are ranged over 100 acres of highly diverse lightly wooded forage on a managed rotation system. We raise the goats for low maintenance characteristics and health.

Our closed herd is guaranteed to be tested and free from CAE, CL, Johne’s, TB and Brucellosis. You won’t find healthier or hardier Kikos anywhere in the region. The goats are dam-reared and weaned naturally and without the use of chemical wormers, medicated feed or supplemental injections. Learn more.....





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We hope to have a litter of purebred Maremma puppies in the fall of 2014